BRITISH ISLES Boundaries Analysis


The information displayed on these pages is based on the output of a validation routine which takes as input the Great Britain pbf extract from Geofabrik, expanded to .osm after download using osmosis. The British Isles extract was used initially, but I didn't have a source to fix the Irish boundaries listed.

Note that the extract currently (17/08/2011) excludes a way that is shared by England, UK and two France administrative borders, so results for those will always show at least one gap for now. This is likely to change by mid-August 2011 as Geofabrik are currently changing how they cope with incomplete entities at the border used for creating extracts.

In addition to information displayed here, I also receive a report of any member ways with an incorrect admin_level tag (administrative ways - see the Relation:boundary wiki page Way Tags section), or political boundary relations that are lacking a political_division tag. No special validation is currently performed on other boundary types. This is now uploaded to the Misc page.

EdLoach, 17 August 2011